My fascination with publishing started when I was given a Polaroid camera at age 10. I loved to shoot pictures of my friends and teachers. Of course then I would write stories, and with the help of scissors, tape and my parents' copy machine I was publishing my own newspaper. What a media mogul I was. I wonder why Scripps never called?...

Still, I leaned toward photography in the early days. Eventually, I became interested in design and communicating ideas with the use of type, images, layout and color. Doing paste-up was like meditation for me. I still miss the smell of hot wax and using a proportion wheel.

These days, I am grateful for computers. I love that software can give me so many ways to send a message to the masses. Of course, technology is changing and I eagerly await what's next.

Until then, I will continue to freelance my skills, providing graphics, photography and print products for my clients.